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Date Code Information


The date code of your product designates its date of manufacture, and can be used to establish your warranty period.

Date Codes Explained

Bluetooth date codes consist of one letter and one number. The letter indicates the month of manufacture, and the number indicates the year. For example, C2 = March 2012.

The date codes for non-Bluetooth vary, and might be:

  • One letter and one number, as with Bluetooth products (e.g., C2 = March 2012)
  • Four digits; the first two indicate the month and second two indicate the year (e.g., 1212 = December 2012)
  • Two digits/two digits, which is standard MM/YY (05/12 = May 2012)
  • Three characters to indicate the month followed by two numbers to indicate the year (e.g., AUG 11 = August 2011)

Date Code Locations

The date code typically appears near your product’s model and part number, although this is not always the case. The date code may be located on the base of the unit, beneath the ear cushion, under the battery, or along the microphone boom. On corded mobile headsets, it may be located near the 2.5 mm plug.

For more specific information, refer to one of the following:

If you are unable to find your date code, please contact Plantronics Technical Support. Note that you can also use a dated proof of purchase to establish your warranty period.

Click here for general information about warranties.

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