One-Touch Conference Call Connection

Lose the Post-it

InstantMeeting™ automatically identifies conference calls in your calendar and recognizes the notable details (time, phone number, dial-in code, etc).

Connect Instantly

InstantMeeting connects you to your conference call or notifies attendees that you will join shortly - all at the single touch of a button.

Never be Late

InstantMeeting allows you to choose your alert time.

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Have Questions or Comments?

Visit our Sounding Board Support Forum and search for Instant Meeting to get help with your questions.


Configurable at Meeting Time

Select your Dial-in number, choose a different number from the meeting body, or manually edit the number to call.

Location-Based Intelligence

Chooses the right dial-in number for your current location if options are available.

Notifies Other Participants

Send a message to other participants through SMS or email. Default examples include: I'm Running Late, Remind Others, Still Meeting?, or a create a custom message.


Highly configurable for unusual meeting configurations.

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