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RIG 500E

Surround Sound PC Headset

P/N: 203802-07

Designed to meet the demands of e-sports players and endorsed by ESL, the RIG 500E headset is a fitting match for your competitive needs, from intense training sessions to events, and everywhere in between.

Performance audio

The durable yet lightweight frame lets you configure components for endurance or focus. Vented earcups deliver maximum breathability, reducing fatigue over long sessions. Isolating earcups let you be immersed in your game, blocking out distracting background noise.

7.1 Dolby

Surround sound for PC

24-bit audio

Movies, videos, and music sound better


Noise-cancelling mic flips to mute

Acoustic options

Vented and isolating earcups in box

Reaction wins

Experience the audio advantage of Dolby 7.1 surround sound technology, hearing a stunning 360-degree sound field with pinpoint accuracy for faster reactions. Between games, support for high resolution 24-bit encoded audio reveals all the detail of your favorite music.

Configure to win

RIG 500 is designed to let you change out components to match your needs. Opt for immersive, isolating cups to game in peace or choose the open, vented cups to keep your cool during long sessions. The flexible headset frame can be swapped out for translucent or camo color options.


Mic frequency response 100 Hz—10kHz
Mic sensitivity -45dBV/Pa
Mic signal-to-noise ratio >42dB
Mic pick-up pattern Uni-directional
Headphone weight 200 grams
Headphone frequency response 20Hz–20kHz
Headphone impedance 32ohms
Headphone sensitivity: vented cups 110BSPL/V
Headphone sensitivity: isolating cups 113BSPL/V
Headphone maximum input power 40mW
Headphone coupling Over-ear
Headphone drivers Dynamic 40mm
Headphone cable length 1.5m
Headphone cable connector Swappable cables 2m USB or 3.5mm (driver required for surround)
Compatibility PC, console, or mobile