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Contact center customers use analytics to improve the customer experience

Leverage the power of analytics to influence business results using unique data captured directly from the headset.

Drive agent behavior

Improve the quality of conversations by identifying individuals and/or physical locations where the percentage time of overtalk during conversations is higher than normal – for both softphones and now deskphones with the MDA400 QD Series – regardless of your contact center system. 


Get the insights you need to maximize efficiency and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Conversation Analytics Report

Track conversations to gain insights into who is doing most of the talking, identify long pauses of silence and watch for instances of “overtalk,” where both sides of the call are talking at once. Watch for patterns of behavior that may indicate a training opportunity.

Common Actions Report

Track user behavior patterns related to mute, volume and Quick Disconnect functionality that may hold insights for training and performance.

Get the most out of Plantronics Manager Pro

Choose Plantronics Manager Pro Onboarding and Adoption Service - the professional service that provides in-depth guidance. Up to four hours of knowledge transfer. And monthly check-ins over a three-month period. Schedule your Plantronics Manager Pro Get Connected Service that’s included to see the basics and learn how to get set up for success. With these services you’ll be a hero in no time, steering your organization toward 100% headset adoption.

Plantronics Manager Pro Get Connected Service Plantronics Manager Pro Onboarding and Adoption Service

Lifecycle Management

With hundreds—even thousands—of headsets to manage, dealing with individual needs can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Plantronics Manager Pro offers a powerful solution to configure settings, update audio device firmware and help troubleshoot issues. It also provides detailed inventory and adoption reports to help you keep track on your investment.

Version Status Report

Track firmware versions in an easy to use report to ensure compliance.

Device Inventory Report
See how many compatible devices there are in your organization as well as their status.

Health and safety

Employees are your most important asset, ensuring their health and safety is your top priority – For over 50 years, Plantronics has been dedicated to creating headsets that provide customers with a safe audio experience, without sacrificing quality. We have been setting the standard for the industry.

Acoustic Events Report

Identify any trends or increases in acoustic events across your organization or via department – to quickly identify issues that may impact your employees health and safety. Demonstrate to your employees that any loud sudden sounds were limited to a safe and comfortable level by the supported Plantronics headsets

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Brand Developers Case Study

Asset analysis expands managers’ ability to track device deployment, configurations, and firmware updates; delivers cost savings.

See Plantronics Manager Pro in action

Gain insights, simplify headset adoption, and troubleshoot all from one place.