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Redesigning your workspace

Workspaces are changing—evolving from maze-like office space to open floor plans, from assigned desks to hoteling spaces, and from rigid schedules to flexible work styles.

Connecting the always-on workplace

Work is shifting. People collaborate on the road, meet on mobile phones, and even “hotel” in offices. The way people work is changing, but their need to collaborate is greater than ever. At Plantronics, we simply keep people connected. We integrate with the top UC providers, so you can turn audio into a collaborative advantage. We create great user experiences—in the enterprise and on personal devices. We keep voices clear and unwanted noise tuned out. We keep users talking and IT headache-free. Devices, locations, and meeting times might change, but with Plantronics, your ability to connect and collaborate never wavers.

Smarter working

Today, “work” is more of a state of mind than a place to go. With new technologies that enable greater mobility and collaboration, the concept of a traditional workspace has changed forever. Smarter working examines the way people work and equips them with integrated tools to enhance their productivity. Plantronics provides those tools—a unified communications platform that gives your people the ability to connect multiple devices wherever, whenever.

"Over the past five years, collaboration has decreased by 20% and workers are less able to focus."

- 2013 Gensler Workplace Survey

Open offices

Regardless of industry or geography, there’s no denying that office space is a big portion of most companies’ bottom line. Today’s enterprises are trying to reduce costs, improve square footage efficiency, and improve their environmental footprint by downsizing their office spaces.

This has led to the rise of the open office—and a corresponding rise in workforce dissatisfaction. Employees report an increase in office noise and distractions, and many report feeling inhibited because of the lack of privacy in an open office.

A 2013 U.S. Workplace Survey by Gensler reports that most effective workplaces include both quiet spaces and collaborative areas, giving employees a choice of where they’d like to work. Plantronics understands that everyone is different, and so are their work styles and preferences. We design our products with these varied needs in mind, so that whether people are desk-intensive or highly mobile, communication is clear and simple.

Experience how technology and evolutionary workplace design result in enhanced collaboration, innovation, and productivity.