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My headset isn’t charging when I plug it in.


  • Make sure that the device that you are plugging the micro-USB cable is providing power or that the console is not in a power-saving mode when shut down. 
    • For PS4, check your settings to make sure that power is being provided to your USB ports while the console is in shutdown or stand-by mode.
  • Try plugging in the headset into a USB power adapter that uses power from the wall (AC power).
    • NOTE: Make sure that the OUTPUT of the adapter is 5 Volts DC.  You can damage your headset for supplying incorrect voltage.
  • There are two hardware versions of the RIG 800 headset. Please check the microphone boom to determine which version of the RIG 800 headset.
  • If you have a RIG 800 headset with a non-removable boom, please follow these steps to start charging your headset:
  1. Push the power switch into the “On” position.
  2. Make sure the micro-USB cable is plugged into a power adapter, your console, or your PC.
  3. Plug in the headset with the micro-USB cable
  • The headset may cycle between “Power On” and “Power Off” voice prompts. This is expected behavior.
  1. Let the headset charge for an hour and unplug it.
  2. Check the status of the headset by turning it off and turning it on.  The headset should say “Power On” when powered on.
  3. Turn off the headset and plug it back in to continue charging (usually another hour).  Your headset is now back to normal operation.

If the headset does not return to normal operation after these steps, or it does not power on after the power cycle on Step 5, please contact the Support Center for further instructions.
  • If you have a RIG 800 headset that has a removable microphone boom, please contact the Support Center for further instructions.


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