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RIG: How to Setup your Xbox360 using an Optical Cable

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The  connection of the Xbox 360's audio/video to your TV determines the audio connection to the RIG Mixer. The following procedure details how to set up your RIG headphones with Xbox360 using an optical cable.

XBOX 360 Optical Cable Setup
RIG optical set up for XBox 360 image
You can use this setup if your TV or primary audio device has an optical port, and you have an optical cable. An optical connection method offers the highest performance audio possible with the RIG Mixer.
  1. Attach a Toslink digital optical cable to the appropriate port on your XBOX 360, HDTV, A/V Reciever, or other audio device.
  2. Plug the oppposite end of the optical cable into the optical port on the rear of the RIG Mixer.
  3. Insert the 3.5mm plug into the headset jack on the front of the mixer, on the left side, located under the RIG logo tab. Ensure the boom mic is attached properly to the RIG headset.
  4. Insert the XBOX Live Chat cable (included) into the 2.5mm jack located on the right side of headset jack in front of the mixer.
  5. Insert the other end into your XBOX game controller. NOTE: Use the connector with the 90 degree angled plug attached to the XBOX 360 controller and the straight plug connected to the RIG Mixer.
  6. Insert the other end into your XBOX game controller.
  7. Slide the sound balancer upward to make the game sound louder and voice (game chat) quieter. Slide the sound balancer downward to make voice (game chat)  louder and game audio quieter.

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