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We're communicating more than ever before. The need for clarity, quality and presence on the move is becoming even more important.

This is where Plantronics come in. Our unified communications solutions integrate technologies and platforms for smarter working.

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Unify for better results

Organisations are increasingly adopting Unified Communications (UC) strategies. This means integrating real-time communication services such as instant messaging (chat), presence information, voice and video conferencing with non-real-time communication (voicemail, email and SMS). Businesses are finding that with the adoption of UC they can work smarter, faster and happier.

Employees are also enjoying the benefits:

  • A smarter presence: employees’ availability is communicated across multiple devices, meaning disruptions are reduced and communication is more effective
  • A unified directory: a centralised approach for easy access to the information employees need across multiple devices
  • Multimedia conferencing: having the tools to enhance your conference call for effective collaboration in any location

Simply the best

UC solutions can help businesses reach new levels of performance. Benefits include a reduced carbon footprint, more intelligent use of space and the potential to rationalise property costs. Working becomes more flexible and continuity planned more efficiently. Employees will also enjoy a range of individual and practical advantages, leaving them to simply concentrate on what they want to say.

And don’t forget, Plantronics are here to guide you through UC adoption.

Smarter Communications

Smarter communications

Technology is revolutionising the way we work, but for some, the explosive growth of communications can cause difficulties, particularly when it comes to managing landline, mobile, and VoIP calls, as well as email, text and social media messages.

Plantronics makes this easy. We can help you implement a smarter working solution that ensures you will be able to deal with any communication query using any device, anywhere, and never miss a request again.

Vital statistics

The dynamics of the way we work are evolving. Fixed office space is being replaced by a more remote future where workers can communicate from any location. Furthermore, BYOD (bring your own device) policies are further increasing the choice of communication methods:

  • Performance is measured by results and not just attendance
  • People are self-motivated with the ability to exercise free choice
  • Collaboration occurs naturally
  • Management is based on results
  • Employers and employees work in partnership and partners collaborate

Plantronics headsets are an essential element of this increasingly virtual world. Our advanced technology and practical design enable people to communicate more freely – anytime and anywhere – as the need to engage on the go increases. They work across multiple devices, they're optimised for leading Unified Communications platforms and the various wearing styles can meet every preference.

A fifty year history

Plantronics headsets are the hubs that unify all devices and technologies. They are built on more than 50 years' experience, and provide the perfect solution to enable successful collaboration.

Now, we conduct the most comprehensive research into the human ear so that our ultra-light, hands-free designs increase comfort and minimise the chance of developing discomfort:

  • Increase productivity by up to 23%
  • Reduce neck and back pain and reduce headaches by up to 31%
-E3 Consulting

First impressions count

We know clarity and intelligibility are vital to projecting a good impression and maintaining professionalism, particularly when attempting to communicate and collaborate across multiple regions and people with different language backgrounds and accents.

Audio quality can very across mobile phones, VoIP, analogue voice and as a result of network variables, which can make it particularly difficult to communicate when not using our native language. Our modern headsets are designed to meet these new and challenging conditions. They are optimised for the leading unified communications platforms and can maximise audio quality and facilitate better interactions. With intelligent technology delivering faithful, high-quality reproduction at any location, successful virtual collaboration is guaranteed.

In areas with high background noise, AudioIQ2 technology adapts listening levels automatically. And when working outside, microphones with Windsmart technology help minimise wind background noise.

Get the HD Voice Experience

Furthermore, if you are working with the latest wideband IP networks, you can enjoy the latest High Definition Voice Experience thanks to HD voice technology. This has been built into our latest Plantronics headsets and doubles standard telephony bandwidth to 6.8 KHz, dramatically improving the intelligibility of the consonant sounds in your voice.

Voyager Legend UC

The only headset system you need for your mobile life.

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Blurred lines: unified solutions

Working conditions are constantly evolving. Advancing technologies, the blurring of work/leisure space, global collaboration and the need to communicate outside of the usual office hours require a smarter way of working. Plantronics headsets are the hub that brings multiple solutions together. They unite devices, services and other unified communications platforms. They enable teams to work smarter and with greater efficiency.

Unification made easy

We’ve created a UC Toolkit that guides IT professionals through the various stages of planning, testing and deploying a UC Solution. It includes IT best……and how to get the very best from your headsets.

Download the UC Toolkit Brochure

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Aspect case study

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Where shall I work?

Find a great place to work with Plantronics and worksnug.com. (It’ll probably serve great coffee, too.)

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‘Top Technology Innovators’ (2012)

‘Impact on Organisation and Workplace’ BFIM (2012)

IT Innovations Award – Voyager Legend UC (2013) (DACH)

TMC Labs Innovation Awards-Unified Communications Magazine – Savi Office (2009) (US)