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The Work We Do

Plantronics is a global leader in innovative communications for businesses and consumers.

Who we are

During our 50-year history, we have pioneered the light-weight headset, the mobile headset, noise-cancelling technology and the personal speakerphone, always driven by a single obsession: remove the barriers to simply smarter communications. With more than 30 offices around the world, Plantronics is committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Innovation is the heartbeat of Plantronics

Meet two of our innovators and see what they have to say about Plantronics technology, culture and opportunities.


Vice President, Corporate Design


Vice President, Engineering

Plantronics delivers solutions

From worldwide enterprises to mobile workers and avid gamers, our products provide cutting-edge innovation across a range of markets.

Mobile & Music

Our business solutions are deployed in every Fortune 100 company to help people communicate and support their customers.



Gaming headsets add life to games on PCs, consoles, handhelds and smartphones. Hear and feel the game around you.

Smarter Working empowers employees

At Plantronics we are much more focused on your contributions and achievements than on where you sit to perform your work, which may vary depending on what’s on your plate on any given day. Offering a range of work environments to associates boosts our associates’ satisfaction and productivity.

Learn more and see our office work environment

Global citizenship and leadership

At Plantronics, innovation extends beyond our products. We proactively seek out new ways to protect the environment and maintain a small carbon footprint. Seventy percent of our power needs are met through roof-top solar panels at our Santa Cruz headquarters and our facility in Tijuana, Mexico. We strongly support the people in the communities in which we work.

Secretary of the State, John Kerry, recognized Plantronics commitment to the global community and environment with the Award for Corporate Excellence in 2013.

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