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Acoustic Analytics to Advocacy

2018 Plantronics Acoustic Analytics to Advocacy Study

The contact centre industry faces very high employee turnover rates that can be attributed to a number of reasons. However, there’s a growing correlation between acoustic shock and unsatisfied phone-based employees. In the Acoustic Analytics to Advocacy study, we assessed the impact of acoustic shock among phone-based employees in Australia. The results were clear: there is an overall lack of education and awareness when it comes to understanding acoustic shock, which – in turn – can impact business outcomes.

To learn more about the attitudes and perceptions of phone-based workers in Australia, read the Acoustic Analytics to Advocacy report.


A4_Acoustic Analytics to Advocacy_Infographic_Lo

Plantronics Manager Pro

Our software subscription service, lets you monitor, manage and maintain your entire headset inventory from your web browser.

Built for the future, Plantronics Manager Pro provides a full suite of reports that provide the actionable insights you need to help accelerate the transformation of your voice and collaboration systems.

Easily gain insights, simplify headset adoption, and troubleshoot and respond to individual needs with no interruptions to the customer experience, all from one place.

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Plantronics Manager Pro: Boosting Safety & Productivity

In the Acoustic Analytics to Advocacy report, we found that workers would choose to wear a headset because they believe that it will improve their work on the phone. But headsets alone aren't enough to fully protect workers from acoustic shock. Plantronics business-grade headsets and Plantronics Manager Pro are the ideal combination for boosting productivity and protecting workers from acoustic shock.

Watch the video below for a short demo on identifying acoustic events within the Plantronics Manager Pro - Acoustic Analytics Suite.

Plantronics Manager Pro allows you to monitor headset usage, track performance issues, identify adoption challenges, and manage acoustic events – all in near real-time.

Ready to transform your business with the power of acoustic analytics?

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Plantronics SoundGuard® Acoustic Safety Technology

Protecting your senses

Whether you are using a headset in the office or on the road, hearing protection should be a guarantee, not a luxury. For over 50 years, Plantronics has been dedicated to creating headsets that provide customers with a safe audio experience, without sacrificing quality.

Plantronics promises to deliver our customers with products that will protect them from long-term daily noise exposure, and identify and remove acoustic startle events that are either uncomfortable, or can potentially induce stress. To ensure a superior – and safe – audio experience, Plantronics headsets come equipped with a fail-safe acoustic protection technology, called SoundGuard.


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