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Savi Office WO200: How to Set Up the Headset

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Setting Up the Headset

Fitting the Headset The headset comes with a pre-installed eartip.  To install a different eartip, see the following:
  1. Remove the pre-installed eartip by pushing in and turning the eartip clockwise, then pull firmly.
  2. Choose the size and style of the eartip that fits most comfortably.  Align the eartip tabs with the notches in the headset.  Push in firmly and twist counterclockwise.
    Note: When installing a gel tip ensure the raised part of the eartip is pointed toward the curved section of the headset as shown.
  3. Slide the headset over and behind your ear, then press gently toward your ear.
  4. Rotate the microphone boom until it is pointed toward your mouth.
  5. The headset can be converted for wearing on the left ear as follows:
    a. Rotate the microphone boom up.
    b. Turn the microphone boom around.
    c. Rotate the microphone boom down.
Docking and Charging the Headset
  1. Gently push the headset into the charge cradle.  The charging indicator light on the base will flash green to indicate that the headset battery is charging.
  2. Charge the headset for at least 20 minutes prior to use.  A full charge takes 3 hours.

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