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Savi 700 Series: How to Disable/Enable Bluetooth

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You can disable and enable the Savi 700 Series Bluetooth interface to the mobile phone by changing an option in the Plantronics software.

To disable Bluetooth
Option 1:

From the Savi base

  Press both the subscription button and the mobile phone button on the base (see below) until the mobile phone LED flashes red four times.

Image of the subscription button and mobile phone button on the Savi 700 series base
  Option 2:

From the Plantronics software application

  1. Open Plantronics HUB.

2. Click the  Settings tab

 3. Click on the Wireless option.

4. Scroll down to Bluetooth and select  OFF.

5. Select Apply.

Note: If you wish to enable the Bluetooth feature, go to the same menus and select Bluetooth: ON

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