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Savi 7xx & Savi 82xx: Compatibility with each other

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Please follow the next guidelines to understand the compatibility between the Savi 700 series with the Savi 8200 series: 

Savi 7xx to Savi 82xx

Cradle and headset from 7xx to 82xx 

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Savi 82XX  to Savi 7XX

Cradle and Headset from 82xx to 7xx

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1. Is the Savi 7xx still available?
Except the 710 & 720 – YES (710 & 720 is EOL)

2. Can I buy spare parts for the 720 even though it is EOL?
Yes limited spares are available 

3. Why is the Savi 82xx cradle and headset not compatible to the Savi 7xx base?
The new Savi 82xx supports new functions such as Stereo DECT which are not supported by the "old“ headset 7xx

4. Can I purchase/sell the Base-Station only? 
Unfortunately not. Customer will always need to buy either a whole Savi 7xx or Savi 82xx device

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