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Plantronics currently ships direct to consumer only to the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, and Australia.
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Extra care with every call

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Improve the customer experience

Customer service has seen more change in the last five years than it has in the last 35 years combined. Given higher customer expectations, multiple points of engagement, and the growth of social media, your company's brand reputation is now under public scrutiny more than ever.

For that reason, it is your most valued staff that answer the calls that come in every day. These are the people you can trust to talk directly with customers because they have the skills to influence how your customers perceive your brand. And changes in workplace design and practices can make it easier to recruit better talent.

Explore how you can provide a better customer experience, and empower your staff with better products, newer technology, and smarter workplace design.

Effortless Management

All-in-one headset control. All in the cloud.

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Case studies

Learn how business customers are reducing cost and becoming more efficient with assistance from Plantronics.

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    • Hyatt Hotel
    • Hyatt calls on Plantronics for a more hospitable headset solution strategy.
    • #
    • Illumio
    • Startup Illumio boosts flexibility, collaboration and credibility with Plantronics wireless headsets.


    • Plantronics headsets helps to Attract and Retain CSR's
    • Attract and Retain Staff
    • Provide your customer service representatives with high quality design and audio engineering they'll notice.
    • Plantronics headsets for a better customer experience
    • Better Customer Experience
    • With smarter headset solutions, your customer service representatives can provide customers exactly what they need with ease.
    • Plantronics headsets to add value and reduce costs
    • Reduce Costs and Add Value
    • Learn how to run an efficient customer service center with technology that works. With EncorePro we use aircraft-grade aluminum1 and laser-welded joints2 that respond to the daily rigors of your contact center.
    • Call center
    • Effortless Engagement
    • How do you make it easy for CSRs to engage with customers? We believe it comes down to three factors.


Together with our global Strategic Alliance Partners, Plantronics delivers innovative technology and integrated solutions that deepen people's collaboration experience and allow them to simply communicate.

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