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Unify Headset Solutions

The right technology, along with a shift in behavior and company mindset is essential for organizations that want to establish a culture of agile communication and collaboration.

Foster new ways to work

Plantronics delivers innovative products with unsurpassed audio quality, functionality and comfort allowing Unify Solutions users to communicate simply and clearly regardless of their work style, anywhere and on any device. As open office environments become more common, complaints around distractions and lack of privacy increase.

Together, the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC and Unify’s OpenScape CP600 allow users to manage calls distraction-free with immersive HD audio while protecting privacy, and ensuring security. The CP600 proximity feature locks the phone screen when the headset is powered off or out of range, and automatically unlocks the screen when the headset is powered on, or comes back in range. All products in the Plantronics Voyager Family offer this feature.

Plantronics is a certified Advanced Technology Partner, find out more on the Technology Partner Network website.


Enhance Unify Vibrant Conversations with Plantronics audio solutions.