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Headsets for Those Who Wear Hearing Aids

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Solution for Bluetooth Hearing Aid Pendant Customers
Bluetooth hearing aid pendant customers may use the MDA220 with the
As an additional option, you can use an HL10 headset lifter or EHS (Electronic hook switch) cable in order to answer/end calls without manually taking your phone off the hook.
Call Center Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Headsets
To see a full list of Call Center headsets compatible with hearing aids, click on the following document:
Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets
  • Clarity Products is the world’s leading supplier of amplified telephones and assistive listening devices for the hard of hearing.* 
  • Minnesota Wire and Cable (aka Hatis) offers headsets designed especially for t-coil hearing aids. You can reach them at 715-579-3926.
  • For a product that specializes in people with Hearing loss please contact our Technical Support Specialists at 1-800-544-4660 x1015165 to learn more.
* Clarity does not sell headsets.

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