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Voyager 510S/510SL/510SL+ Troubleshooting: 500a Base Flashing Red

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The Voyager base units red light cycle: flashing slowly-then quickly-then steady for a few seconds What does it mean?


It means the Base cannot find the headset. Here are suggestions 1. Make sure the headset is on.
  • Take the headset out of the base unit and make sure you have a flashing Blue light on the microphone.
  • If not turn the headset on by pressing in the Black button just above the volume up key.
2. If the blue light is not on try to  Pair the headset to the base unit:
  • First make sure the base unit has power (red light on base).
  • Then you need to place the 510 in pairing mode which is holding the Call Control / Answer End button down while pressing the volume up key till the indicator light on the headset starts flashing red then blue.
  • Press and hold both the talk volume fine tune buttons on the back of the base for a minimum of 5 seconds.
  • The blue button on the top of the base will come on and start flashing.
  • When the base light stops flashing and stays solid blue you should be paired.

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