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Blackwire 7225 Release Notes

ИД за статия:
Version 1052
May 2020

What’s New
  • Microsoft Teams certification – pressing the headset button will now invoke the Microsoft Teams desktop application.

Resolved Issues
  • Unable to unmute headset from Microsoft Teams app when Hub is running
  • Incorrect voice prompts in various multi-call scenarios
  • When pressing the mute button on Elara 60 while BW7225 is connected causes a mute loop issue.
  • Intermittent loss of audio after PC resumed from sleep mode
  • On macOS adjusting volume on headset does not change host volume
  • Mute on state is not cleared after the end of a muted call

Version 1046
September 2019

What’s New
  • Optimize transmit gain

Version 1030
August 2019
  • Initial release