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CT14: How to Create Phone Book Entries

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The phone book in the dial pad holds up to 70 names and numbers. When the phone book is full, the dial pad beeps and shows Memory Full on the display. At that point, you would not be able to add any names and numbers to the phone book until you delete some of the existing ones.

To Create Phonebook Entries
  1. With the phone in standby, press the left arrow key.
  2. To create a new phonebook entry, press the MENU SEL key.
  3. Select the Create New menu. Edit Name appears.
  4. Use the keypad to enter a name for this entry. The name can contain up to 16 characters.
  5. Press the MENU SEL key when you are finished. Note: If you do not want to enter a name for this entry, your phone will store this entry as No Name.
  6. Enter the number for this entry (Edit Number). Use the number keypad to enter the phone number; the phone number can contain up to 20 digits.
  7. If you need the phone to pause between digits when it’s dialing (for example, to enter an extension or an access code), press the PAUSE REDIAL key to insert a two-second pause. You will see a P in the display. You can also use more than one pause together if two seconds is not long enough. Each pause counts as one digit.
  8. Press the MENU SEL key when you are finished.