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Plantronics and the Environment: Living Green

Plantronics has a reputation for innovation and quality. We're recognized globally for our many breakthroughs in technology and products—and that's something we take great pride in. But we're also equally proud of our pioneering efforts toward environmental stewardship, energy savings, and conservation. We understand that many aspects of our business impact the environment and the communities in which we live and work. From the materials used during the manufacturing process to the food provided in our company cafés, everything affects the health of our local and global ecosystems.

Companies can't simply state their concern for the environment—they need to act on it. And at Plantronics, that's exactly what we do. Global citizenship is not just embedded in our principles; it's a strategic element of every business decision we make. We've instituted a formal environmental assessment early in the design phase as an essential part of our product development process. From the smart irrigation system and solar panel installation at our Santa Cruz campus to the strict recycling program at our Mexico manufacturing facility and our Smarter Working program in Europe, we're determined to minimize our impact on the environment.

By combining this business philosophy with the vigor and commitment of our employees, we'll continue to innovate green solutions and adhere to stringent standards that protect our land, our oceans, and our fellow human beings.