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Plantronics is continually working to reduce waste and prevent pollution throughout the manufacturing process and the entirety of our products' lifecycles. Additionally, we're moving toward the electronic production and delivery of more of our product collateral to avoid the use of paper.

We finance the management of waste from our own products to dispose of material in an environmentally sound manner. Our manufacturing facilities employ strict recycling programs and train employees on best practices. Our Mexico facility recycles on average more than 2.5 million pounds of materials (cardboard, plastics, cables, components) annually.

A recycling program at our Santa Cruz facility has reduced trash pickups from 7 to 1.5 times per month. We recycle all cardboard, small batteries, fluorescent tubes, and e-waste, and we monitor and document our recycling program's results on an ongoing basis. In total, our efforts have recycled over 3 million pounds of material annually.