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Managing Noise: In the Contact Center

Every contact center is a hub of activity. Phones ringing, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) on calls, colleagues talking and supervisors training new employees. From this commotion comes a challenge that needs to be addressed: noise.

Noise is the number one complaint among employees,1 and the greatest detriment to their focus and productivity.1 When background noise distracts your employees and prevents them from delivering an exceptional customer experience, the impact on brand perception and business performance can be significant. In fact, studies show that 66% of customers quit doing business with a brand because of a bad customer experience.3 That’s why an effective noise strategy for your contact center is essential.

Understanding the people in your contact center

Our experience working with contact centers of all sizes around the world has helped us understand contact center employee behavior, device preference and workstyles and how noise and distraction affect their ability to get work done.


Noise-canceling solutions

Purpose-built and contact center proven

Featured Contact Center Product

EncorePro 700 Series

With extendable boom and optimal noise cancellation, EncorePro 700 Series is a fully integrated audio asset management solution for delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Best for:

  • CSR
  • Supervisor
  • High-Level Support

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Hear the Difference

Compare the sound quality of a Plantronics headset with a common alternative device in a contact center environment.

Other Products for the Contact Center


Plantronics Manager Pro*

Businesses are under increasing pressure to trim operating budgets while enhancing productivity. Adding a software solution that monitors, manages and maintains your headsets wherever your employees work can help. Plantronics Manager Pro allows you to check device usage to verify adoption rates, drive the adoption of third-party services and prevent and troubleshoot technical issues. Plantronics Manager Pro’s easy-to-use tools and analysis suites enable you to proactively manage the performance of every Plantronics headset across your enterprise.

* Software-as-a-Service sold separately.

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1Plantronics Persona Research, 2017.
2Accenture Strategy, “Digital Disconnect in Customer Engagement: The High Price of Obsession – Has Digital Reached its Tipping Point?,” 2015