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Savi Go WG101/B: Indicator Lights

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The following table provides an explanation of the indicator lights on the USB adapter:
 Indicator Light Activity USB Adapter Status
Flashing Blue  Headset in Talk Mode 
Flashing Red and Blue  Base and Headset Pairing 
  The following table provides an explanation of the indicator lights on the headset:
Indicator Light Activity Headset Status
Solid Red  Headset Charging 
Off  Headset Fully Charged 
Flashing Double Red  Headset Battery Low 
Slow Blue Flash (every 10 seconds)  Headset Ready 
Flashing Purple  Incoming Call 
Flashing Blue Active Call
NOTE: To disable the blue headset ready indicator, move the call control button to the volume up position, then press and hold the button for two seconds.  The headset indicator will show a short burst of blue flashes. Repeat this operation to turn the indicator back on.  

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