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TCO Certification

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TCO Certified Headsets 2 is a global certification for headsets designed for maximum performance, usability and minimal environmental impact. It shows that Plantronics' products have passed independent testing for low emissions, superior sound quality and high durability.

TCO approved headsets have fulfilled the following criteria:



  • Built-in acoustic safety protection
  • Replaceable parts for better hygiene
  • Adjustable for individual comfort and highly durable
  • Great sound quality with a longer life


  • Very low electrical / magnetic fields and SAR


  • ISO 14001 certified manufacturing
  • Ethical employment practices
  • Highly efficient energy usage
  • Minimal use of harmful substances
  • Highly recyclable – reduced landfill

Plantronics has a 100% pass rate More TCO certifications than any other headset manufacturer.

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