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Maximize your Unified Communications investment

Plantronics provides communication tools for a seamless UC deployment—from comfort and quality to integration with your existing technology systems

Real-time collaboration has become a competitive advantage. Capitalizing on that advantage requires a Unified Communications solution that connects people whenever and wherever they need it. Because work isn’t just a destination anymore—it’s what you connect to.

There’s a lot that goes into a successful UC investment. From integrating multiple platforms to tackling interoperability to ensuring user adoption—each component depends on the other.

User-centricity—one size does not fit all

Today’s workforce needs technology to adapt to them, not the other way around. Businesses need to keep this in mind when deploying UC, and they should view employees as the first element of the IT network, not the last. It’s time for IT to move from a company-centric perspective to a user-centric one, and those users have high expectations for their devices. To maximize your UC investment, you need a hassle-free deployment and headsets that simplify communication.

Device-centricity—the role of voice

Workers are using more devices to communicate and collaborate than ever before. Desk phones remain ubiquitous, softphones are on the rise, and mobile devices are everywhere. Employees must have access to the right tool at any given time based on their work needs and location.

Wherever you are in your UC deployment, communication must remain smooth and intuitive for employees, regardless of which device they are using. In order to get the most out of your UC solution, you must change IT perceptions about headsets. Without easy-to-use integration, user adoption will be a significant challenge. Plantronics’ strategic partnerships ensure that IT departments don’t have to worry about compatibility, and high-quality design and engineering provide the reliability you need.

Headsets can be cheap, but don’t fall for that. They are too important to compromise. Like shoes and jewelry, headsets become a part of us. It isn’t unusual for a UC implementation to realize the headset budget wasn’t enough.

“Oh, Say Can You Hear,” in by Dave Michels, UC Analyst

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Find your solution

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UC and Adoption

Plantronics can be your solution to helping UC and adoption come together.

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UC Toolkit

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