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无线降噪耳机 + 麦克风

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      Plantronics Hub(桌面)
      Plantronics Hub for Windows and Mac, part of the Plantronics Spokes software portfolio, is a client application that allows end users to control the settings on their Plantronics audio device.
      Plantronics Hub(移动)
      Plantronics Hub for iOS and Android brings additional functionality to your new Plantronics Bluetooth headset with helpful tools, notifications, and status information.
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    通话/待机时间 长达 24 小时的通话和收听时间;6 个月的待机时间
    蓝牙版本 4.0 耳机/免提配置文件 HSP 1.2 和 HFP 1.6(宽带高清晰语音);1 类 BT 收音机
    音频配置文件 高级音频传输协议 (A2DP)、AVRCP、AAC
    aptX 编解码器 经典;低延迟
    有效范围 1 类 BT 发射器提供远至 100 米(330 英尺)的范围
    语音提示 增强版语音提示告知通话时间、静音和连接状态等信息
    语言 西班牙语、法语、意大利语、德语、瑞典语、挪威语、丹麦语、俄语、普通话、粤语、韩语和日语
    驱动器尺寸 40 mm
    麦克风 带 DSP 的无麦克风杆双麦克风
    频率响应 20–20,000 Hz
    灵敏度 (dB SPL/1mW) 93
    阻抗 (Ohm) 32
    电池电量 680 mAh
    电池类型 可充电、不可更换的聚合物锂电池
    充电时间 3 小时可充满电
    多点技术 可与两部手机保持连接,并接听任一手机的来电 (2H2S)
    重量 289 g
    工作和存储温度 32°F–104°F (0°C–40°C)
    Talk/standby time Up to 24 hours talk and listen time; 6 months standby
    Bluetooth v4.0 Headset/Hands-Free Profile HSP 1.2 and HFP 1.6 (Wideband HD Voice); Class 1 BT Radio
    Audio profiles Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), AVRCP, AAC
    aptX Codecs Classic; Low latency
    Range Up to 100 m/330 ft with Class 1 BT Transmitter
    Voice alerts Enhanced voice alerts announce talk-time, mute, and connection status and more
    Languages Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese
    Driver diameter 40 mm
    Microphone Boomless dual microphone with DSP
    Frequency response 20–20,000 Hz
    Sensitivity (dB SPL/1mW) 93
    Impedance (Ohm) 32
    Battery capacity 680 mAh
    Battery type Rechargeable, non-replaceable lithium ion polymer
    Charge time 3 hours for full charge
    Multipoint technology Stay connected to two phones and answer from either one (2H2S)
    Weight 289 g
    Operating and storage temperature 32°F–104°F (0°C–40°C)
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