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.Audio 910: How to Configure for VoIP Calls

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.Audio 910: How to Configure for VoIP Calls

Make sure that you have configured your Windows audio device correctly. Try to use the same USB port every time you insert the USB adapter, or you may have to check your Windows audio configuration again.   You will need to follow this procedure every time Windows installs device drives for the .Audio 910 USB adapter. It will install device drivers every time you plug the USB adapter into a USB port you have not used before.   Windows treats the .Audio 910 USB adapter as another sound device, similar to your PC’s built-in soundcard. You may have several more sound devices installed on your PC, such as a Webcam microphone, or Bluetooth audio devices.   After inserting the Plantronics USB adapter, wait for Windows to finish installing the device drivers. Go to your Windows control panel, and click Sounds and Audio devices. Then click the Audio tab to see your current audio device settings.   You will see your default playback and recording device. In each box, select “Plantronics BT adapter” then click the Apply button. Important: if you click the Apply Now button, the headset will become the default audio device when you plug it into that specific USB port. When it is not plugged in, Windows should revert to using your sound card.   You may only want to use the headset for VoIP, and continue using your standard loudspeakers for music and everything else. In this case, plug in the USB adapter to your preferred USB port and allow Windows to install drivers if you haven’t already done so. Go to Windows Control Panel and click “Sounds and Audio Devices”. From there, click the Audio tab and you can see settings for your Default playback and recording device. In each box, select the name of the sound card connected to your loudspeakers and click the Apply button. Now, the headset will not be used for audio unless your softphone application is specifically set up to use it. Many softphone applications, including Skype, have settings to select a specific audio device for VoIP calls. Consult your softphone instructions to find out how to change the audio device it uses. You should first plug in the USB adapter, then change the softphone’s audio devices to “Plantronics BT adapter.”   Skype has useful information on setting up audio devices here:   For Avaya softphones, please refer to the FAQ ID#  8923  

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