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Poly Elara 60 Series Release Notes

Identifikátor článku :
Version 1.1.11
August 2019

What’s New
  • Microsoft Teams dialing is now included with Poly Elara 60 Series
    • For customers who have installed the PSTN dial-out for Microsoft Teams: the dynamic line-select feature gives users the choice to dial out using either their cell phone line or Microsoft Teams. This feature requires the updated Microsoft Teams app, which is now available for Android in the Google Play Store and for iPhone in the Apple App Store.
  • The Microsoft Teams mobile app can now signal the Poly Elara 60 Series Teams button to light up, which notifies users of missed calls, missed voice mails, missed chats, etc.
  • Multi-device pairing and improved pairing process
    • Users can now pair multiple devices (up to 8) to their Poly Elara 60 Series
    • The pairing process is simplified with fewer steps required to add new devices
  • User interface improvements
    • The brightness of the screen can now be adjusted
    • In addition to the up and down arrows, volume keys can now be used to navigate settings 

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