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With over 3,000 employees contributing their talents from California to England to China, our global team is our most valuable asset. 

Smarter Working

Our hyper connected culture, an increased need for business efficiencies and the blurring of work and personal lives has resulted in a shift we call Smarter Working. Plantronics has studied the way its customers are designing the workspaces, shifting their corporate culture and investing in technology to empower Smarter Working. We've found that a physical workspace that moves beyond high cube walls in favor of open, more collaborative spaces and "conference" room options that include small spaces for quiet focused work, team meeting rooms and video enabled chat rooms empowers employees to be more creative and innovative while saving the company fixed real estate costs through densification of office environments. A culture that embraces flexible working is also critical. Giving employees the ability to work wherever and whenever they are most productive increases moral and improves the bottom line. Of course, to make Smarter Working a success, companies must invest in the infrastructure to keep a distributed workforce connected. Plantronics truly is a thought leader in this space and has created its largest 'lab' at its California headquarters. The company knows firsthand how to build products that help people manage multiple phones, a variety of devices and applications.

Smarter Working at Plantronics is about giving our associates greater freedom and flexibility in how, when and where they work and it's about developing the technology that will enable that to happen. Associates can work in the office; from home; on the road; wherever. This type of empowerment builds trust and allows employees to do whatever it is they need to do to be productive. Unified communications is all about providing the tools needed to work seamlessly in various environments. We work in a living laboratory for developing UC solutions. It enhances our understanding of how our products work and where they need to go to better serve our customers in the future. Smarter Working wasn't just rolled out as a launch and left to languish. This is an ongoing exercise. We learn from the experience of our associates and make adjustments accordingly.


We offer onsite health and wellness programs such as yoga, core strengthening, high intensity interval training, circuit training and Weight Watchers. Also, we have bi-annual health and wellness fairs, monthly health seminars led by physicians, and massages. These programs are available to all associates.

We provide an indoor gym, bike lockers, outside basketball and volleyball courts, and access to local hiking and running trails for all associates.

Earth Day Fairs: Every year, local organizations visit our headquarters to provide education on organic gardening, composting, water conservation, and beach cleanup days.

We scored in the 85th percentile in employee commitment in our fall 2010 employee engagement survey (comparing Plantronics to a benchmark covering 160,000 tech employees worldwide).

Our café serves certified organic produce and follows the guidelines of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. 


Our Human Resources department organizes annual health check-ups for all associates.

World Car Free Day: Associates in Suzhou, China arranged a "No Car Day" to encourage a more environmentally friendly way of getting to work (shuttle bus, bicycle, or walking).

"Shining Ideas on Global Citizenship": Our office in Suzhou, China created a competition to collect ideas for improving corporate social responsibility. Management is now implementing these ideas for further associate improvements such as better knowledge about safety and water conservation. 


We offer associates gym memberships and bicycle purchase schemes. Team sport activities are also offered, including a Plantronics basketball, football, and bowling team. These teams compete with other business companies in local tournaments and leagues.

Through our health insurance programs, we provide refunds for quitting smoking courses, health style advices, annual health checks, and more.

Our European office scored 84% in a survey that was carried out to assess satisfaction/engagement after the Smarter Office refurbishment and introduction of Smarter Working.


Best Place to Work in Mexico: In 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 the Great Place to Work® Institute named Plamex the "Best Place to Work" in Mexico. This award is based on a national survey of employees who rate their companies on credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. Plamex was also chosen as a "Great Place to Work for Women" in 2010.

Plamex is the only company in northwest Mexico certified by the Federal Labor Agency for embracing diversity. This certification is given to companies that hire people with disabilities, the elderly, HIV-positive people, and more.


Valentine's Day weddings: Plamex hosts an annual wedding ceremony for employees who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford one. Nearly 600 people have been married at Plamex over the past 11 years.

The State of Baja California certified Plamex in 2006 as a harassment-free workplace that respects human rights and guarantees equal labor practices. Plamex was the first company in the area to receive such a certification.

Extensive employee benefits at Plamex include career development, family programs, educational programs, medical care, and housing assistance. 

Plamex offers an onsite day care center that cares for over 100 children.

The Leadership Program, established in 2004, trains high-performing employees in leadership skills. Graduates of this one-year program have gone on to fill a variety of management positions in the company.

Employee engagement programs such as Kids Days, antidrug DARE classes, parenting classes, career development, and rewards for high performance give Plamex one of the industry's lowest turnover rates.

The Improving Quality of Life program offers 120 activities for employees, their families and the community. This program was recognized by the Secretary of Labor in Mexico City as the best of its kind in 2006.

The School Merit Recognition program rewards employees' children and grandchildren who demonstrate academic excellence.

Employees and their families are encouraged to participate in industry-wide sporting events such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, baseball, bowling, and cycling.