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Calisto 800 Series: How to Pair to the PA50 Wireless Mic

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How do I pair the Calisto 800 Series speakerphone to the PA50 wireless microphone?

To pair the PA50 wireless mic with the speakerphone:
  1. Fully charge the wireless mic.
  2. On the Calisto, go to Menu > Settings > Bluetooth Setup.
  3. Select Headset (or Wireless Mic), and then select Pair New Headset.
  4. Place the wireless mic into pairing mode by pressing   on the mic for 10 seconds or until the light flashes red and green.
  5. On the Calisto, press Next to search for the mic.
  6. Select PlantronicsPA50, and then press Next. The Calisto attempts to pair with the PA50.
  7. When pairing is complete, press Finish.

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