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RIG Troubleshooting: No Game or Chat Audio with PC/Mac

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When I use RIG with PC or Mac, I am unable to hear game or chat audio. How can I fix this?


To fix the issue of no game or chat audio when using RIG with PC or Mac:
  1. Adjust the game/mobile and game/chat sound balancers on RIG Mixer to recieve audio in the headset.
  2. Connect both RIG cables for game audio and chat audio to PC.
  3. Ensure that RIG is configured correctly in the sound settings of your PC. To configure RIG in your PC: 
    1. Go to Windows Start Menu>Contol Panel>Sound.
    2. Select Game Audio 3.5mm plug, computer "sound card', as the Default Device
    3. Select 'Plantronics RIG" as the Default Communications Device.
  4. Ensure that you are using the longer stereo 3.5mm plug, joined with a USB, for game audio.
  5. Test the game audio 3.5mm plug with different devices such as tablets or mobile phones to verify if the RIG Mixer is working properly.
  6. Ensure the microphone is connected both ways.
  7. Ensure mute switch on the inline microphone cable is off.

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