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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Headset Solutions

Plantronics is certified by the Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program (AAPP) and provides a comprehensive portfolio of headsets and speakerphones that are tested and compatible across Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise desk phones, mobile handsets, soft clients and mobile apps.

Simple and Smart Conversations

Plantronics delivers innovative products with unsurpassed audio quality, functionality and comfort allowing Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Solutions users to communicate simply and clearly regardless of their work style, anywhere and on any device.

With a partnership spanning more than a decade, Plantronics and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise have developed a strong relationship, empowering contact centre excellence and helping change the conversation for a richer user experience.

Plantronics is a certified Application Partner, find out more on the AAPP website.



The confident choice for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Conversations.

Get Ahead

Get complimentary trial products if you plan to deploy 100 or more UC devices.

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Recognize the role people, places and technology play in today's work environment .