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Voyager Legend: How to Adjust the Fit

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How do I adjust the fit of my Voyager Legend/Voyager Legend UC headset?

Recommended placement
For the best sound clarity and comfort, make sure your headset fits securely and is placed with the microphone boom pointing towards your mouth: Illustration of how to wear the Voyager Legend To find your best fit, try wearing the headset on each ear, as well as using different sized ear tips. The following sections provide additional information.
Wear the headset on your other ear
You may find that the headset fits more comfortably and securely on one ear in particular. To adjust the headset to fit your other ear:
  1. Pivot the boom into an upright position.
  2. Rotate the boom and speaker to the other side of the headset and lower it before fitting the headset on your other ear.
Illustration of how to adjust the fit of the Voyager Legend
Try a different size eartip
The headset comes fitted with the medium size gel eartip. If the eartip feels loose or tight in your ear, you might want to try a different size. Click here to learn how to change it.

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