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Computer Headset Troubleshooting: Audio

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My voice transmission breaks up when making VoIP calls.


There are quite a few issues that can cause poor quality during Internet phone calls. These issues are not generally related to the headset. When a phone call is made over the Internet your voice has to contend with all the other information that is on the Internet. Internet telephone calls have to deal with other people who are downloading music and reading emails etc. It is this traffic that deteriorates the sound quality of your call. Internet lines are not dedicated to voice transmission and do not always have the bandwidth to consistently support the immediate transactions of voices. You will also find that calls are very distorted at times of high traffic. The headset does not affect this. To make sure your headset microphone is working go to your Windows Sound Recorder and make a recording. If you can record and playback your voice without any distortion you can rest assured that the poor quality of the Internet call lies with the Internet itself.   The speed and quality of your internet connection, the speed of your computer and the amount of memory it has and can also affect the quality of voice transmission. You may need to upgrade your computer and or your internet service to reliably make voice over internet phone calls.

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