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GameCom 1 Troubleshooting: Headset not Working

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My GameCom Headset Is not Working


Try the following:
  • Make sure your plugs are connected into the correct ports in the back of your computer.
    • Microphone plug goes in the microphone port (typically pink)
    • Headphone plug goes in the speaker port (typically green)
  • If applicable, disconnect your external speakers in order to insert the headset speakers.
  • Make sure none of your volume controls are muted.
  • Check your Volume control and your Wave control for appropriate volume level.
  • In order to make sure your microphone port is activated, look for a microphone volume control and make sure that it is not muted and that volume is at an appropriate level. If you do not have a microphone volume control then go to Options and then Properties. Under the Properties window look for Microphone and place a check in the box next to it. Click OK and then in your Volume control window Microphone should appear.

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