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UK Tax Strategy

Pursuant to section 161 and section 19(2) of schedule 19 of the UK Finance Act of 2016, Plantronics is setting forth its tax strategy and approach to tax planning, tax risks and compliance for its global group of companies.

Plantronics Approach to Tax

As part of Plantronics core values, we operate at the highest level of ethics and financial integrity.  This is in line with our code of conduct.  Our approach to tax matters is consistent with these core values to remain compliant with all applicable tax laws and payment of taxes as required by law in each jurisdiction where we operate.   

In the UK, Plantronics moved to a local buy/sell structure in 2016 to be more transparent into the revenue derived from our locally supported sales activities.

Tax Risks

Plantronics operates in several tax jurisdictions, and sells both goods and services that involve cross border transactions with other members of the worldwide group. Transfer pricing compliance is a key component that is considered to ensure that all transactions are conducted at arm’s length basis consistent with OECD and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) guidelines and local tax legislation. Documentation is maintained and reviewed and updated, where appropriate, on an annual basis to support these positions.

Tax Planning

With respect to tax planning, Plantronics’ approach is purposefully designed to ensure compliance with all relevant and applicable laws, and pay all federal, state, local taxes as required by law.  The finance, tax and treasury teams support the needs of the business that do not involve artificial arrangements that are not supported by commercial substance. 

Working with HMRC

Plantronics strives to maintain an open and honest communication with HMRC as well as other tax authorities. Full disclosure of relevant information is provided to enable proper review of the company’s tax affairs. Where inquiries do arise, Plantronics proactively works with HMRC to provide all information required to achieve a prompt resolution to any investigations.