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Computer USB Headsets Troubleshooting: Distortion and Noise

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USB Headset: Distortion and Noise


This issue may occur if your Intel Mobile Pentium III processor is using Intel SpeedStep technology. SpeedStep requires that the processor restart and have its attributes modified several times a second. The USB sound system relies on a data stream that is reaching codecs at a steady rate for good playback. This issue occurs when the two processes conflict, so the data stream is disrupted. This disruption causes the distortion such as a popping or crackling noise. WORKAROUND To work around this issue, turn off the SpeedStep functionality during the sound session. To do so, set the power scheme to an non-adaptive mode:
  • 1.) Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Performance and Maintenance.
  • 2.) Click Power Options.
  • 3.) On the Power Schemes tab, click Always On in the Power schemes box, and then click OK