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CS55H (Home Edition) Troubleshooting

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What are the basic troubleshooting tips for the CS55H?


o Match up color labels
o Push all plugs firmly into base and wall (see user guide p.6)
o Place base at least 1' away from phone, computer or other metal object (p.9)
o Push headset gently into cradle and charge for 3 hours (p.8) QUICKSTART
o To place a call (see preferred option 1 on p.10):
1. Dial number on phone
2. Press headset button, base and headset light up green
3. HANG UP phone to transfer call to headset
o To receive a call, simply press headset button
o Adjust the listening and speaking volumes as needed (p.12 &13)
o To see incoming caller ID (upon hearing call waiting beep), undock phone and push talk.
o To accept new call, press headset button to hang up current call and transfer to new call.
(Flash is deactivated.) What do I do if I hear static or buzz?
Make sure to place base at least 1' away from phone, computer or other metal object and to turn phone handset off while using the headset.

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