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Savi 400 Series: How to Conference in Additional Headsets on a Call

Αναγνωριστικό άρθρου :

The Savi 400 Series enables you to conference in up to three additional headsets during a call. Note: A headset conference can only take place while the master headset has an active link.  If you turn off the master headset, all the conference headsets will be dropped.  You can use the conference headset's mute and volume controls independently; however, if the master headset is muted all conference headsets will be muted.

To conference in additional headsets on a call:

Image of the 3-step Savi W440 subscription process
  1. While the master headset is in a call, press and hold the volume increase button on the headset you want to conference (guest headset) until the indicator light turns solid white.
  2. Press the subscription button on the USB adapter. The adapter's subscription indicator starts flashing yellow and green and a beep sounds in the master headset.
  3. Press the call control button on the master headset to accept the guest headset link. The base subscription indicator starts blinking yellow to indicate a headset conference.

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