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Gaming Headsets: Closed-Ear vs. Open-Ear

Αναγνωριστικό άρθρου :
When you consider purchasing a gaming headset, it's important to decide whether you prefer a closed-ear or open-ear design. In general, closed ear designs cup closer to the ear and block out more noise (and arguably better bass), although some users find the open ear designs, which allow more air flow, to be more comfortable. So, in summary: Closed-Ear Headsets:
  • Fit closer to the ear (reducing air flow)
  • Block out more background noise
  • Prevent others from hearing your headphones
  • Provide better bass
Plantronics Closed-Ear Headsets: Gamecom 367 Open-Ear Headsets:
  • Allow air-flow around the ears
  • Many find the air-flow more comfortable (though it's matter of taste)
  • Allow you to hear some background noises
  • Allow others to partially here your headphones
Plantronics Open-Ear Headsets: Gamecom 377

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