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CT12 Troubleshooting: Memory Full

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I am receiving a "Memory Full" message.  How can I fix this?


The CT12 phone book and caller ID numbers share the same memory. The Caller ID numbers get “stored” in the memory along with your stored phone book numbers. When over 100 phone numbers are stored, you will receive a "Memory Full" error.  

To clear this memory error, the Caller ID numbers need to be cleared.  Please follow the steps below to clear your Caller ID numbers.  NOTE: This will NOT clear any of the numbers in your phone book.
  1. Turn off the CT12.
  2.  Press the CID key and press the DELETE key.
  3. “DELETE ALL” will display on the LED.
  4. Press the up arrow key to choose “YES”.
  5. Press the CH/SELECT button. You will then hear a tone and the Caller ID display will be “0”.
  6. Press the END button on the CT1

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