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RIG Gaming Headset Microphone Troubleshooting

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Why does my Gaming Headsets (RIG800HS/HD/LX & RIG100/300/400/500/600) microphone stops working while being used with a PC but works properly with a gaming console?


Please make sure that is set as “Default Device” under “Recording devices” and enable “Listen to this Device”;

For USB headsets:

For 3.5mm headsets:

* Note: With 3.5mm headsets you need to set your sound card as the default device*
By enabling “Listen to this device” the user should be able to hear his own voice and we can determine if is a faulty unit or not, it applies for all USB/3.5mm headsets, if the issue is experienced only with Online games (Overwatch, Apex Legends, etc) please see below.
Most online games come with a setting known as “Voice chat” and you can choose between “Push-to-talk” or “Open mic”

Apex Legends
Overwatch V oice Chat Mode
Overwatch P layback Device

Push-to-talk: User needs to press and hold a key, on his keyboard,  in order to communicate with his teammates.
Open mic: There’s no need for user interaction to communicate with his teammates


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