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CS70/CS70N: How to Subscribe (Pair) a Headset to the Base

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The headset and the base unit are subscribed to each other right out of the box. If you need to use a replacement headset with the base, you have to subscribe (or introduce) the new headset to the base. Additionally, if you have linking issues or can't hear your callers, try resubscribing the headset to the base.

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Click on the image above to see a video on how to subscribe your CS70/CS70N headset to the base.

NOTE: If you are working in a multi-shift environment (using multiple headsets with a single base), each headset wearer will have to perform this procedure at the beginning of their shift. To resubscribe an existing headset or pair a new headset to the base: Illustration of the CS70 subscription process
  1. Enable the multi-shift pairing feature by pressing the + button located on the back of the base for about 5 seconds, until the power indicator light on the front of base blinks twice.
  2. With the charged headset out of the charging cradle, press either the + OR - listening volume button for 3 seconds until the headset talk indicator glows.
  3. Place the headset into the charging cradle. When the indicator light goes out, the headset is successfully subscribed/paired and ready to use.
  4. If you are not working in a multi-shift environment, you may wish to turn off multi-shift pairing on the base by pressing the - button located on the back of the base for about 5 seconds, until the power indicator light on the front of the base blinks twice.
If the headset and base do not connect when you press the call control button, repeat the steps above. Reminder: Only the last paired headset will work, so you will have to repeat this process whenever you need to use a different headset with the system. You cannot be on a call when you enable or disable the multi-shift pairing feature. TIP: If you are having audio quality issues, such as static, try resetting your system.

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