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Boosting productivity with the right audio device

Try-Before-You-Buy with Plantronics

Today, work happens everywhere — in busy open-plan offices and contact centers, at home, even coffee shops. This flexibility is great, but creates increased noise and distraction. Over 90% of people surveyed believe they would be more productive in a less noisy environment.1 This kind of distraction makes it difficult for employees to communicate, collaborate, concentrate and keep conversations confidential. Managing noise not only raises productivity,2 health and morale,3 it also improves customer experiences 4 and business performance.2

But one size doesn’t fit all. Successfully incorporating audio devices into your organization involves matching the right audio device to the right employee work style. The Plantronics Try- before-You-Buy Program gives you a no-risk opportunity to find the right products for your team on us! That’s right. You can choose up to five complimentary products to try in your own environment, then choose the best fit!

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