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Even when you work outside the office, you’re still on a schedule. To be productive, you need the insight to know when you work most effectively and the discipline to make it happen. Here are seven behaviors that can help.




Maintain team productivity

One of the challenges of working remotely is staying present when you’re not actually there. For managers, this means reaching out regularly to provide guidance and essential oversight. For team members, book regular project check-ins with colleagues and key stakeholders to ensure that projects are on track.




Choose the right medium for the message

Depending on the urgency or importance, you may need to choose different modes of communication. Email is ideal for non-urgent communication, while chat is a good way to get simple answers quickly. Voice and video conferencing are effective tools for connecting with remote teams.






Chart and measure goals

Successful flexible work depends on performance-based measurement tools. Goals should be clearly identified and assigned to an appropriate “owner.” Regular check-ins will help team managers monitor progress and determine priorities.



Polish your delivery

When your voice is your main mode of connection, it’s important to use it effectively.






Dress for success

When you dress professionally, you’re likely to feel more professional and be perceived that way. Even when working from home, getting ready for work as if you were heading to the office promotes a business mindset.




Take breaks

Just because you can work non-stop from the time you get up to the time you go to bed doesn’t mean that you should. Short regular breaks can re-energize you and sharpen your mental focus.






Be flexible

A mobile work environment is in constant transition, both literally and figuratively. Be ready to adapt to each situation to stay productive. Learn to be comfortable being in flux.