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BackBeat FIT: How to Update Using the Companion App for iOS/Android

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This procedure explains how to update your BackBeat FIT using the BackBeat FIT Companion app. The BackBeat FIT Companion app allows you to update the firmware for your BackBeat FIT using your Bluetooth connection instead of a PC.

Before you update:
  1. Download the BackBeat FIT Companion app from the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Pair your BackBeat FIT with your phone. For instructions on how to pair, click here. TIP: Your headphones won't enter pairing mode if they're charging.
To update your headset:
  1. On the home screen of the app, tap Update Firmware.
  2. Ensure your BackBeat FIT and phone are connected and the FIT is not charging.                 
  3. Tap Next to continue.
  4. Place your phone and BackBeat FIT within 5 feet of each other. Tap Next to continue.
  5. Plug your BackBeat FIT into a power source. The download begins automatically when the power source is detected.
  6. When the headset is finished updating, you'll see a message that it's safe to disconnect.

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