Plantronics + Polycom。両社は1つに: ロゴ


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Collaborate. Innovate. Reimagine.

Plantronics is evolving communication technology in the enterprise workplace. We tap into the expertise of our engineering and design teams, and collaborate with developers and partners to create cutting-edge concepts. Using advanced, on-board sensors with exposed application program interfaces (APIs), PLT Labs reinvents headset capabilities— transforming it into an interactive, motion-sensing platform. Let’s innovate together.

Plantronics Developer Connection

Join our active developer community. Get access to our APIs through the Plantronics SDK and start creating contextually aware applications.

Wearable Concept 2

Enterprise Collaboration integration. PLT Labs changes the game with Wearable Concept 2 (WC2). With voice controls, security features and motion sensors, this device creates a highly personalized experience and puts users in control.

AT&T Summit

Take a look at how PLT Labs facilitated the successful integration of different technologies at the AT&T Developers Summit Hackathon in January, 2016. More than 150 teams competed for the “Best Use of Plantronics” 10K prize.



Partner with us. Whether you’re a developer looking to build the next great app or a partner looking to extend your platform, let’s see how we can work together to make more possible in communications devices.

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