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Plantronics LX1

Geavanceerde audioadapter voor draadloze Xbox One-controllers


Sluit het apparaat rechtstreeks aan op je draadloze Xbox One-controller voor een nauwkeurige bediening van spraak en gameaudio.

Advanced audio control for competitive FPS team players

React faster with precise fingertip control of voice and game audio. Dual analog control wheels and clear min/max audio settings mean no distractions or pauses for on-screen menus to adjust audio. Control master volume plus game and chat balance, or choose the independent mode to control game and chat levels independently. Plug your favorite Plantronics gaming headset into the 3.5 mm connection and experience performance audio. Mix in your own music while gaming with the 3.5 mm stereo input.

Amplified Audio

Audio adapter amps the sound

Connects to Xbox One

Adjust master volume and game / chat balance

EQ Settings

Pure, Intensify, or Seismic

Mic Mute

Push-button control