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Managing Noise: While On the Go 

Technology has transformed the workplace from the traditional office into just about any place where work can get done. Today, two-thirds of the North American and European workforce reported spending at least some time working outside a corporate office.1 Mobile collaboration accounts for that major shift, promising increased employee collaboration and productivity via simplified communication. But this exciting new business reality is not without its challenges, the biggest of which is background noise.

Noise-canceling solutions

Purpose-built and mobile proven

Featured On-the-Go Product

Voyager 5200 UC

Take the call, wherever you are and however you’re connected, with adaptive noise-canceling and WindSmart technology to reduce disruptive noise.

Best for:

  • The Remote Worker
  • The Road Warrior
  • The Connected Executive


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Hear the Difference

Compare the sound quality of a Plantronics headset with a common alternative device in a busy café.

Other products while on the go

Voyager 8200 UC

Thanks to active noise canceling, Voyager 8200 UC lets you leave office noise and distractions behind so you can concentrate when you need to.

Best for:

  • The Connected Executive

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Voyager Focus UC

Focus on work, not the chaos around you. Voyager Focus UC provides a more immersive experience with on-demand active noise-canceling technology.

Best for:

  • The Office Warrior

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Savi 400

With superior PC audio and lightweight portability, Savi 400 delivers effective noise reduction with the flexibility to roam indoors or out.

Best for:

  • The Remote Worker

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Plantronics Manager Pro*

Businesses are under increasing pressure to trim operating budgets while enhancing productivity. Adding a software solution that monitors, manages and maintains your headsets wherever your employees work can help. Plantronics Manager Pro allows you to check device usage to verify adoption rates, drive the adoption of third-party services and prevent and troubleshoot technical issues. Plantronics Manager Pro’s easy-to-use tools and analysis suites enable you to proactively manage the performance of every Plantronics headset across your enterprise.

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* Software-as-a-Service sold separately.


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