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Plantronics Hub: Release Notes for Versions 3.5 and Earlier

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Version 3.5

May 18, 2015: Plantronics Hub Version 3.5

What's New
  • Plantronics Aware for Lync merged into Plantronics Hub
  • MSI installation files for Plantronics Hub available in both 32 and 64bit
  • Simplified interface for multi-piece devices
  • Plantronics Manager released
Resolved Issues
  • Mute notification balloon for MuteOn always shows MuteOff for Bluetooth devices (v3.5.51033.17958)
  • Hub installation is finished with error and Hub is not started (v3.5.51033.17958)
  • "Please close these applications" dialog is always behind main installation window (v3.5.51033.17958)
  • Silent bootstrapper update failure (v3.5.51033.17958)
  • With Cisco Jabber 10.5.4 attempting to answer a second call, put the call on hold at GUI but not at HS (v3.5.51033.17958)
  • Flashing ends the call on hold on Cisco Jabber 10.5.4 (v3.5.51033.17958)
  • Can't install WMI on system with Chinese language (v3.5.51033.17958)
  • Mac: Install with user disabled metrics setting still leaves metrics setting on (v3.5.51033.17958)
  • Can't uninstall Hub 3.5 (v3.5.51033.17958)
  • Hub does not respect 24 hour time format (v3.5.51033.17958)
  • Mac Hub 3.4 to 3.5 upgrade fails (v3.5.51033.17958) 
  • Spokes 2.8 to Hub 3.5 upgrade fails (v3.5.51033.17958) 
  • Ending a held PC call holds an active mobile or deskphone call
  • Legend/Edge with Lync: systray mute/unmute command is allowed, but has no effect on mute state
  • Unable to pause music and initiate a call with Calisto 620
  • A number of Hub UI items are not localized
  • Presence not working with Hub 3.4 and Aware 3.4
  • Descriptions (beyond device name) are missing for Blackwire 725, Calisto 610, and Clarity 340
  • Primary device isn't persistent
  • Hub displaying nothing when Silent FW update starts after Hub restart
  • Swyxit! Softphone name not sent to display device upon Hub connection
  • Support screen: incorrect date format
  • DA80: There are several inconsistencies in Advanced settings screen
  • Ending a held PC call holds an active Mobile or Deskphone call
  • Missing Blackwire 700 series PIDs
  • Update fail if user unplug Clarity 340 during DFU process
  • Hub incorrectly requesting link when auto-answer feature enabled
  • Cisco Jabber Plugin: Blank window appears when answer a call from Plantronics speakerphone
  • REST API cannot get DTMF dialed digits using CallServices/CallEvents
  • Hub process is not being started after silent upgrade
  • Multiple device call control support should be enabled only for Cisco Jabber Plugin
  • Lync 2013 option in Target Softphone not appearing after installing Aware for Lync
  • Clarity 340: when press call end with Jabber call on hold, the call is resumed and screen remains idle
  • Wearing Preference for Volume Control setting is incorrectly displayed for unsupported device 
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements
Known Issues
Version 3.4

March 25, 2015: Hub Version 3.4

What's New
  • Support for the Clarity P340 USB Handset
  • Support for the DA80 including “Smart Lock” functionality
  • Support for Avaya Communicator v2.1
Resolved Issues
  • Call control lost during conference call in Lync 2013
  • On startup, Hub for Windows calls recipient of open Lync IM window
  • Uninstall order:  Aware must be uninstalled prior to Hub
  • Firmware update disappears if other connected device is unplugged
  • Lync Aware update is no longer available after a Hub update completes
  • Headset icon not visible in Mac OS X Yosemite Dark Mode
  • "Ring both PC and Headset" option causes ringtone to continue for second incoming call
  • “Wearing Preference for Volume Control” option reverts to “No Change” immediately following a user change
  • Hub reports connected to a Voyager Legend UC when connected to Voyager Edge UC or Voyager Pro UC
  • “Wearing Preference for Volume Control” option reverts to “No Change” immediately following a user change
  • Lync status remains "In a call" for a long time after call terminated when “Auto Update My Presence” is On
  • Silent firmware update should wait if user is in a call
  • Lync call dropped due to presence status change
  • Release Notes link for Savi 7xx update takes user to wrong web page
  • Unhandled exception in PlantronicsTAPI.dll with ShoreTel Communicator 14.2
  • Cisco Jabber call with Calisto 8xx is ended in the device but not on softphone
  • Hub for Mac shows Hub window on system start
  • Incoming call ringtone cannot be heard with SwyxIt!
  • dllhost.exe exhibits high CPU and memory usage with Lync Aware
  • MS OC/Lync Dial-Tone setting not working with Savi 7xx and D100M/Savi 435
  • Hub with Lync Aware fills the Windows event log with event 0
  • Setting option "Locked and hidden from users" in Manager Pro doesn't hide locked settings in Hub
  • LED for second incoming call is not blinking green on Savi 7xx
  • Mute from Avaya one-X Communicator is not reflected in Hub icon
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements
Known Issues  
Version 3.2

October 31, 2014: Hub Version 3.2

What's New
  • Multi-device support for Cisco Jabber
  • Compatibility with Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite)
Resolved Issues
  • Manager Pro which contains many devices doesn't produce device inventory report
  • Get a server error when clicking on a user in Manager Pro
  • Metrics selection of "disabled" during install not being respected in Hub UI
  • IT admin not receiving emails when updates added to Manager Pro
  • "Caused by" code is displayed when table is opened in the new window
  • Export is limited to 100 users
  • Manager Pro doesn't send updates and settings
  • Lync Aware update is pushed to Mac end users following Hub 3.1 update
  • Selecting the Devices menu option opens the "preconfigure device" window
  • Headset type shown in Hub is 'Bluetooth'
  • Hub is sending invalid metrics
  • Calisto 620: Incoming active and muted call is ended when pressing Call button
  • Changing setting on one tab enables Apply buttons on all tabs
  • Typos/inconsistencies in names of some Device Settings for Savi 7xx and Blackwire 7xx
  • Incorrect audio settings for Savi Office
  • With Lync 2013, Presence state is not updated per user settings after ending a call
  • Voyager Pro UC: Values for Mobile Phone & PC ringtone volume settings mislabeled
  • Hardcoded TCP port 32001 used by REST service causes error message at restart with Avaya Flare (and possibly other apps)
  • Savi 7xx: When Default Phone Line is set to Mobile or Deskphone and then opened with the headset it immediately goes to Hold state
  • Update from 3.0 to 3.1 failed while in a call
  • Calisto 240: Can’t end call when initiated from dial pad
  • User installer setting to not allow metrics collection is not respected when app is installed
  •  Hub is not linking to the Release Notes
  • Incorrect Sensors & Presence options shown for Savi 7xx, Savi 4xx, Blackwire 3xx, Calisto 620 and Calisto 8xx
  • Calisto 620: Mute Reminder Volume setting shouldn't be shown
  • Calisto 620: 2nd Inbound Call setting not working for Ring Once and Ignore
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements
Version 3.1
October 6, 2014: Hub Version 3.1

What's New
  • Improved presence status functionality in Plantronics Aware for Microsoft Lync 2013
Resolved Issues
  • Plantronics Hub crashes after disconnecting primary device
  • Plantronics Hub crashes after changing primary device during an active call
  • Plantronics Hub crashes if a plugin returns an error on initial start up
  • Plantronics Hub crashes after getting update wherein call control is turned on
  • Plantronics Hub crashes during Skype call
  • Plantronics Hub crashes when M1100 is connected via PC USB port or when headset is selected within Hub
  • Plantronics Hub crashes when unplugging Blackwire C710 from USB port
  • Savi 700 series battery depletes quickly when Hub is installed 
  • Lync 2013 not shown as "connected" in Hub after user installs Plantronics Aware
  • Lync plugin install and uninstall issues
  • Conflict between Lync plugin and Plantronics Hub causes Hub to crash
  • When using a Bluetooth device, user is provided an incorrect "Check for Updates" link 
  • If a second incoming call is ignored, first call is forced on hold for both SwyxIt parties
  • Client connection issue with proxy .PAC file
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements
Known Issues

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